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When to start watching series in English?

Let’s clarify first – you’re looking to learn the language and use tagalog to english paragraph translator, right? Of course, you can just turn on the series at any time, as some people love the sound of the TV in general – it’s better to let the sound be in English! But we are not talking about that now.

We are about how to increase the efficiency (COP) of the study. This can be done by scheduling to watch the next episode before going to bed – at night or for “quiet time”.

That’s when flashcards come in handy – you can write down the words that “hooked” you in English. You don’t need to look in the dictionary – it’s better to repeat these words (expressions) after the characters, you can make phrases with already familiar words.

The main thing is to actively listen, repeat and make several notes arabic to english. Don’t chase the quantity, 5 cards with meaning are better than 100, which will be a summary of the entire series. Set aside the notes and give free rein to dreams, at least for 1 hour – your brain will figure it out. Proven.

So, are you ready to read our recommendation of the top 5 TV shows in English in increasing difficulty?

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