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What time of the year to go to Baikal

There is no exact answer to this question. This is because Baikal and are always beautiful! It is a unique place on our planet, which attracts tourists like a magnet in any season. But there are special reasons to come just in winter or in summer.

In winter, Baikal shows all its beauty in the form of clear ice! Yes, yes, you can see the same ice from thousands of photos, rugged with lines and filled with bubbles! It’s a sight worth appreciating at least once in your lifetime. Dog sledding, ice skating and jeep safaris, amazing landscapes and caves – the spirit is breathtaking, even if you come here for the hundredth time.

In summer, even more tourists, because not everyone is ready to freeze. In June and August the water is still cool, but some parts of Baikal get warm enough for swimming. At the same time you can have a good walk in the mountains, get a tan and enjoy the fresh air.

In the off-season, too, there’s plenty to do, from hiking to exploring the sights and local cuisine and And even without swimming the healing Baikal air with a taste of cedar and the majestic panoramas of the sea-lake, which age is traditionally estimated at 25-35 million years, are expensive!


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