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10 tips for tourists in Venice

Delightful Venice annually attracts an incredible number of tourists who are eager to plunge into the atmosphere of love and romance among the unsurpassed masterpieces of Italian architecture and However, many of those who dream of enjoying the beauties of the city in silence and solitude face noisy crowds of tourists. In addition, it is hard for those travelers who apply to local travel agencies, where, without embarrassment to anyone, employees offer services at exorbitant prices.

How to avoid such a fate, and at the same time, not overshadow your vacation? It follows from this that it is necessary to prepare for the trip for a long time and thoroughly, carefully studying all the options.

Venetian gondolas
Surely, remembering Venice, many imagine the picturesque canals that have enveloped the entire city, along which gondolas float. However, do not romanticize, such a pleasure will cost you 100 euros! Yes, and 40 minutes of the standard route in the company of 6-7 people, it is quite possible to replace it with an equally pleasant walk on the traghetto with, the cost of which is only 1 euro. On this interesting water transport you will be taken along the Grand Canal, where there are no bridges. Such picturesque places include the route Pescheria – Santa Sofia and Punta della Dogana.

Where to stay?
Saving money while traveling is a real success! However, not when it comes to choosing a hotel. Be sure to explore all areas of Venice, do not be seduced by the cheap housing of the Lido island and the mainland, spend some time looking for a suitable option in the old city. It is here that you can fully merge into the amazing atmosphere of the medieval city. The best months for a comfortable and inexpensive holiday are March and November. Since at this time you can even stay in five-star hotels at a very affordable price.

Food and drink
If you are a connoisseur of Italian cuisine and can afford not to save on food, then Harry’s Bar is a great option. A decent establishment with an atmosphere of old bohemian Italy, where the minimum bill for lunch is 100 euros. Also, do not refuse to taste the famous signature Bellini cocktail, which will cost 20 euros. However, for a tasty and inexpensive meal, you’d better turn to the locals. For example, Taverna del Campiello Remer can offer delicious and varied local cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Where is the best place to go on a tour?
Be sure to visit the island of Murano, this is a great opportunity to see with your own eyes how craftsmen make interesting things from glass. But be careful, as a rule, guides do everything so that you do not leave there without souvenirs, the prices of which are shamelessly overpriced.

In the narrow streets of Venice
Walking along the streets of an unfamiliar city, there is always the opportunity to learn and see something new and interesting. What can not be said about the streets of Venice. Studying even the main tourist route, you always have the risk of turning the wrong way and falling into one of the many channels. It is best to purchase a map, which will greatly facilitate the movement around the city. Start your journey along the route Rialto – San Marco and you will gradually reach Cannaregio, where the Madonna dell’Orto church is located, which will give you an unforgettable view of the island of Murano and the promenade.

Best time to travel
Perhaps, any, except for the summer months. The city has very high humidity, and in combination with the summer heat, it becomes simply unbearable. The best time to travel is early spring or autumn. At this time, it is best to bring warm clothes, as it can be quite cool during walks on the water. Thanks to the decline in the tourist flow, Venice appears in its true form.

What is worth looking at?
Of course, everyone should see San Marco. However, it is better to do it in splendid isolation, avoiding countless excursion groups. In an atmosphere of people flickering before your eyes, you are unlikely to be able to enjoy all the beauty of ancient architecture. It is best to choose the morning hours for a walk around the square.

Things to do?
Here you can find any activity for yourself, the main thing is that it should not be shopping. If you can’t live without shopping, then head to the many antique shops and vintage boutiques. Well, if you need branded clothing, then Milan is ideal for shopping.

What else can you see?
The Vivaldi carnival show is a bright spectacle that you don’t have to waste your precious time on. But lovers of real opera music will be able to appreciate the concerts held at Teatro La Fenice.

More for gourmets
Italian cuisine is rich and varied. Each region of the country has its own gastronomic zest. Dishes such as panini and pizza are not related to Venetian cuisine, but be sure to try the delicious cicchetti appetizer along with local wines.

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