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How to overcome the language barrier and start speaking Japanese

Even after studying Japanese and arabic to english for several years, many do not dare to put it into practice – there is a kind of stupor. This is the notorious language barrier. How to overcome it? Here are some recommendations:

1. More practice. The most common reason for a language barrier is a lack of practice. Many people get so hung up on learning grammar and memorizing kanji that they forget about other important aspects – listening and speaking. To begin with, learning how to greet people properly is one of the first steps to speaking in any language. Speak Japanese aloud to yourself. Speak Japanese when you are doing something, acting out skits and dialogues. Record your voice on a voice recorder and analyze the recordings.

2. Read japanese to english aloud. Just make sure your intonation is correct, raising and lowering your voice, as if speaking in front of an audience. This will help to immediately form the correct manner of speech and replenish vocabulary.

3. Listening. Even being in Russia, you can immerse yourself in the language atmosphere. Do the listening assignments – they are in all popular Japanese textbooks (for example, in the Minna-no Nihongo mentioned above). Listen to radio, podcasts and songs in Japanese. Watch movies with subtitles, TV news.

4. Take online conversational Japanese courses. The online group training format is a good alternative if you are not ready to spend hefty sums for one-to-one face-to-face tutoring. Modern educational methods are focused on encouraging you to speak out loud, since Russian is practically not used.

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