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Vocabulary: how many words do you need to know?

To learn a foreign language and translate english to hindi, the lexicon of which can contain more than 300 thousand words, it is important, of course, to memorize the words first of all. But it must be done effectively. It is better to memorize fewer words, but as best as possible. If you start stuffing yourself with information 100-200 words a day, then soon all the words will simply mix up with you. Agree, it is much better to know 500 words well for a certain period than 3000 words, but badly. Do not listen to teachers or tutors who offer you to learn a few “necessary” words. You yourself determine the direction of the necessary words that are necessary for you. In order to communicate on simple everyday topics, you will only need to know about 400 words. But to read a fiction book or news, you will have to learn a little more words, about 1500.

Let’s determine the number of learned words:

40 correctly chosen, high-frequency words will cover approximately 50% of everyday speech;

200 words will cover about 80%;

300 words – approximately 85%;

400 words will cover about 90%;

800-1000 words – about 95% of what will need to be said or heard in the most common situation.

Example, if you were told 1000 words in everyday conversation, then 50% (500 words) would be covered by 40 regular high-frequency words.

Correctly chosen 400-800 words will help you communicate on daily topics with any representative of a foreign language.

When reading, the percentage of selected words increases with the same percentage of the full text. So:

The 80 most common do about 50% of plain text;

200 words will cover approximately 60%;

300 words – 65%;

400 words – 70%;

800 words – approximately 80%;

1500 – 2000 words – about 90%;

3000 – 4000 – 95%;

and 8,000 words will cover almost 99 percent of the written text.

If you have already learned more than 1500 words, then you can safely start reading books at a fairly decent level. With the knowledge of 3000-4000 words, you can move on to reading special literature in which you are guided.

It must be said that an ordinary European in his active vocabulary usually has about 20,000 words, and uses half of them extremely rarely. At the same time, the passive vocabulary is about 50,000 words.

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