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New Intelligent Translation Headphones

On October 3, the list of award winners in Japan’s most popular design competition was finally announced. The Mobius intelligent translation headset co-created by Migu and Iflytek won the “G-mark” (Design Award).

G-Mark is an abbreviation for the Japan Good Design Award. Since its inception in 1957, G-Mark has become one of the global design trends and is known as the “Oscars” of oriental design. It has three selection criteria: high degree of coordination, high quality, and high practicality. Inventions that receive the “G” mark represent a double guarantee of design and quality. Every year, about 4,000 works participate in the competition, the products included in the final selection demonstrate their superiority a priori.

The fact that the Mobius headset as a smart translation hebrew to english headset received the G-Mark award was indeed expected. Its feature is to redefine the relationship between a person and headphones. Mobius earphones rely on Iflytek’s core technology to support real-time language translation, here you can not only get interpretation after listening, simultaneous translation, but also get Chinese translation from six languages ​​(English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian), delve into the translation environment, ensuring the accuracy of the translation. They are not only suitable for daily translation, traveling abroad, but also for meetings and conferences, business exchanges, solving communication problems in one step. Whether it is an app connection or a built-in function of the headset itself, the Migu Lingxi app and the Mobius headset make the core value of the headset even higher.

Actually, the connection between the Mobius headset and th

e mobile phone is also very easy, you just need to download the Migu Lingxi APP to recognize the headset easily. Functional operation is based on Migu Lingxi app settings and headphone advanced settings.

In addition, Mobius earbuds also integrate voice control, Chinese-English translation, heart rate monitoring, fitness guidance, schedule management, navigator, route planning, music listening and other complete functional systems, which is superior to other smart headphones.

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