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Reading newspapers hebrew to english is a great way to improve your reading skills and vocabulary.

In this note, I want to share 5 interesting techniques for working with newspaper articles in the classroom.

1. Guess the title.

Cut out several different headlines from newspapers and shuffle them. Divide students into groups or pairs and give them a short article with a cut off heading and 7-8 different headings. The task of students is to quickly read the article and decide which heading corresponds to it. After completing the task, say the correct option.

2. Guess what the article is about.

Find a newspaper article on an unusual topic filipino to english. Choose 10 keywords from the article and write them on the board. The task of the students is to write a short story that includes all 10 words. The assignments can be done in pairs or small groups. When the stories are complete, you can ask one of the students in the group to read the story to the whole class. After completing the assignment, hand out the original article, ask students to compare their stories with the original.

3. Answer the question.

Cut out small articles from newspapers (or excerpts from articles) and post them around the class. Prepare questions for articles. Divide the students into groups and give each group a list of questions. Students move around the classroom, reading articles and trying to find answers to questions. The group that completes the task first wins.

4. News release.

Divide students into groups, distribute 2-3 newspapers to each group. The task of the students is to prepare a news release based on the materials of newspaper articles. Prepared news releases are read by one of the students of the group, who is chosen as the “host”. You can make an audio or video recording of your speech.

5. True or False?

Give each class a small newspaper article, divide the class into pairs. The task of the students is to read the article and tell their partner about its content, changing some facts. The partner tries to guess which information is true and which is not.

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